Under A Tail-Light Moon

Under a Tail Light by Daniel Phen
Dan Phen followed up his first collection of poems “Even the Skies are Blue” in 2006 with more ruminations about the ecstasies, ironies and tragedies large and small, in life.

Abusive fathers, failed relationships and secret hopes populate this latest collection of poems from Daniel Phen. While capturing the big skies and petty pursuits of his home town of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Phen bares his innermost thoughts unflinchingly. His wordplay slips and squeezes from the sacred to the profane. It would be hard to imagine a book to follow this one, as these musings plumb the darkest recesses of the soul…in the last entry “Even the Skies,” the writer responds to a young girl’s earnest compliment on his first book thusly:

“i’m the death
of all your mother’s dreams
when she imagines paradise
in her daughter’s happiness…”

were it not for the hilarious cameo of macho pride “Weight:”

“I walked past them
picked up the 150 lb
spool of cable
tensing every muscle
in my body
intestines screaming
to climb out my asshole
walked back past them
& loaded it into the truck.”

Welcome to Dan Phen’s world. But be prepared.