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Poetry Books by Daniel R. Phen


Daniel R. Phen 1953-2020 lived in Sioux Falls South Dakota. His poetry came from a hard life, from the terrors of his childhood to the doors that slammed between adults. Themes of anguish, triumph, isolation and affliction coexist within his work, conveying a distinctively Midwestern flavor.

                                                                                                            Even the Skies Are Blue by Daniel Phen

Mr. Phen created two cutting edge poetry books during his lifetime “Even the Skies are Blue” was released in 2003 and received with great critical acclaim.  His poetry was always delivered with arresting intimacy, Phen’s lyrical insights bring to life the anguish, fascination and revelation of the everyday.

                                                                                                            Under a Tail Light by Daniel Phen

Mr. Phen’s “Under a Tail Light” was released in 2006 and showcased once again the immensely talent of this poet who portrays stark beauty and gut wrenching soul through his poetry.  Phen bares his innermost thoughts unflinchingly. His wordplay slips and squeezes from the sacred to the profane. It would be hard to imagine a book to follow this one, as these musings plumb the darkest recesses of the soul.