The intersection of music and visual art is not a new concept. The work of Josef Albers and Vasily Kandinsky attest to this, as do the parallels between poetry and music. Meter, form, major and minor triads are overlapping –dare we day interdisciplinary? –terms. Over the years we have been privileged to meet and befriend some of the wonderful visual artists working in the New York area, which still draws aspiring artists from all over the world. We have also had the pleasure of finding wonderful word art from poets in America’s heartland. These rich relationships are the springboard for this new imprint of Muse-Eek, and we are proud to bring these books to a discerning audience.

Muse Eek Publishing Company was founded in 1995 by Bruce Arnold, a dedicated musician and music educator. Over the years Muse-Eek publications have taught the foundations of good musicianship through its combination of Mr. Arnold’s new, innovative methods coupled with traditional techniques. The traditional methods date back through centuries, and generations of great musicians and educators. To see this fascinating “family” please see Bruce Arnold’s Music Education Genealogy Chart which traces the heritage of these educational ideas and methods that are evident throughout the over 300 publications you will find on the muse-eek.com website. You can read more about Mr. Arnold here.

Mr. Arnold has always felt that all of the arts and sciences are interrelated and continually inspire each other. He lives with a painter, is surrounded by art every day, and has personally experienced the way art has influenced not only his own music, but also the ideas for the books he writes. His belief in the relationship of art and science is most apparent at the website steam-education.org which explores the inter-relationship between the sciences and music. steam.education.org is part of the Bruce Arnold Foundation, a non-profit founded by Mr. Arnold in 2014 which is dedicated to helping emerging artists reach their goals.